Tile And Stone

Tile and stone floors not only look good and stylish, they are durable and affordable. There are numerous designs, textures and types available in both stones and tiles and you could arrange for its installation, depending on your suitability and budget. Be that as it may, there are plenty of doubts and apprehensions in the mind of an average user regarding tile and stone flooring. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the subject:

– What are the different types of finishes which a stone can have? Stones can be polished, honed, tumbled, antique tumbled, cobbled or distressed, brushed or flamed. The type of finish you choose would largely depend on the overall appearance you desire for your flooring. For instance, polished finish would offer a glossy surface while the cobbled and distress finish would have a look whish is old and archaic.

– What is the best stone for a home? It all depends on your individual priorities and concerns. Instead of getting more confused by looking at so many varieties, you could follow your heart and select the one which appeals to your most. After all, you will take care of your floor more, once you are in love with the stone that you have used! Granite, slate, marble, slate, travertines are some of the choices you have when choosing a stone for your floors.

– Which is costlier to install – stone or ceramic tiles? While the difficulty level could be the same, some stones, depending on your choice because of their thickness gauges, etc might take more planning and more ground work. The setting supplies and procedures are same for both except, as mentioned some stones may require more time for installation.

– Can stones be mixed with other materials? Yes, you can mix, the possibilities are limitless. You could combine stone with ceramic, porcelain, glass or terracotta to get the unique look and design also.

– How do I assess the quantity of stone and tile needed? This is done by measuring the square foot area of the space where you will place the stone and tile arrangement. Similarly if you wish to put stone and tile combination on a wall, the areas need to be measured using the same principle. For borders or where you need tiles to be trimmed, it is measured by linear foot. It is recommended that you budget for a 10% increase in your requirement when purchasing the material. One point to keep in mind is if the area is small, you should buy larger tiles.

– How to change the grid patterns of the tile or stones? There are many pre-set patterns for stones and tiles. These are easier to plan and install as it is easy to calculate the quantity of material to be used. You could also create your own pattern with a random selection of stones and tiles and create your own unique grid pattern on your wall, counter top or floor.

The above is a random selection of some of the common doubts and questions which people have before working with stones and tiles. The internet is a good source to learn more about stones and tiles and how you can install it through experts or do it yourself, if the area is small and easy to work on.

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