The first area of concern before you start to build a sunroom is to be aware whether your local laws permit building a sun room. if the answer is in the affirmative, your next concern is where to build it – whether you wish to transform the existing patio or back porch into a sunroom or build the room as an addition to the house. Needless to mention that if the sunroom is built in an existing structure, the cost would be far less than one built as a completely new structure with a brand new foundation, etc. There could be limitations in the design though, which you should be prepared to make some compromise with. Of course, you need to check whether the existing structure can bear the additional weight of the sunroom, if you decide to build upon it. in other words, you must ensure that the sunroom stands on sturdy foundation.

Like most home renovation ides, sunrooms can be built according to your preference as there are several types of sunrooms, which are decided by the style of roof above it. for instance, if you wish to have the ‘cathedral’ type of roofing with vaulted ceiling, the sunroom might exude an illusion of airiness and space. On the other hand the split-level type of roof makes the room look very modern and trendy. The curved-eave roof of a sunroom can enable your to view the stars at night and the ‘conservatory’ roof also has that capability.

Sunrooms are today used for various purposes: kitchen, bathroom, dining or even as a bedroom. But you could have your own use of your own sunroom as a place for great get-away and live amidst nature and the sky, while enjoying the comforts of your own home. People decorate their sunrooms according to individual tastes – flowers, plants, pictures – the choice is limitless. To decorate your sunroom, you must plan ahead considering its size and dimensions. If you are considering putting a lot of plants in your sunroom, you might decide to have a particular type of floor or if you are going to use the room as a sauna, then you have to include furniture accordingly.

There was a time not long ago, when to install a sunroom in your home, you had to take the help of a suitable contractor to do the job for you. Today, there are convenient DIY kits available which allows you to put up a sunroom all by yourself, thereby saving thousands of dollars in labor costs. There are plenty of sunroom manufacturers who supply the convenient and easy DIY kits and will ship you al the necessary tools and materials for making your task as simple as possible. The cost of such DIY kits for sunrooms would largely depend on the size and the style that you have selected. A small 4-seasons sunroom with an aluminum roof built on an existing concrete slab would cost less than a sunroom which has to be built after creating a new foundation with wooden frames. Your existing deck or patio would be the ideal places where you could install a sunroom using DIY kits. Building a new foundation would automatically require the help of a contractor to help you out with the work and this means the cost again goes up. these installation kits is simply to build the room without any heating or cooling arrangements, which have to be incorporated while building the sunroom yourself. If your climate does not require any heating or cooling system and you can manage with a ceiling fan or a portable heater, then the DIY kit for building the sunroom is your ideal choice.

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