Painting And Wall Covering

Though in the literal sense, painting and smearing wall papers seems to be the only two types of wall covering, you could think of mirrors and pictures to be wall coverings in a way. If you were to compare between painting and wallpaper as choices for wall covering, it all depends on individual taste and preference – which of these two would be selected. Painting is one of the most common forms of wall covering. Simple to apply and available in a variety of shades, colors and textures, one could be truly creative with painting when it comes to wall covering. Painting can also be done according to your budget. You can create a theme with your wall painting colors and different rooms can be painted in different hues depending on what kind of ambience you would like to have in that specific area. Available in glossy, matte and flat and all there are in between; painting is the choice for any kind of climate for a wall covering that lasts a long time. For DIY enthusiasts, wall painting is not a problem as the tools necessary for painting your home as well as instructions for use are abundantly available. Easy to maintain, the best part of painting is that there are types available to suit nearly every purpose whether the walls are interior or exterior.

Wall papers have been used for centuries in the western world; but it used to be a messy job earlier. There was glue to be pasted behind lengthy sheets of paper, and then held against the wall for it to smear the wall. If there was excess glue, the wall paper would be full of bumps and dents. The modern wall paper, also referred to as wall covering, has left all that messiness behind. These days wall papers are made from a variety of materials including vinyl, grass cloth, foil or simply paper. The material is tougher than earlier papers and does not tear easily. There is a plastic coating on its surface which ensures that it remains strong and is easy to wipe clean. Like painting, wall coverings are also available in a large variety of colors and textures. Pick one that suits your taste and would match the room décor where it will be put up. The quality of wall paper would large vary according to the price and the manufacturer.

Unlike painting, wall papering can not be done single-handed. You need a couple of extra hands to smear it on the wall and some to tell you whether you have fixed it rightly aligned. The process of preparing the wall for painting or wall covering is same. First all damages to the wall must be repaired. The surface must be sanded and holes filled up. If the wall has a wall covering already, you have to strip it and make the wall free of any pegs, nails or holes.

Whether you choose painting or wall covering as part of your home remodeling, both your choices are easily available in local stores. There are plenty of retail stores which offer a large variety of choices, including instructions for use. It would not be a bad idea if you combined the two choices: painting in some parts of the house or room, suitably complemented by wall covering. The two go hand in hand very well, if the colors and textures are chosen carefully. Have a glance at some high-end interior décor magazines and your imagination can be further honed, before you take the plunge of re-doing your walls.

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