Remodeling and Home Improvement

If you can locate a good and reliable contractor to assist you in your home improvement efforts you could consider it as a blessing. A reliable and trustworthy contractor can turn any home remodeling assignment into a smooth job, by not only doing the job with the correct materials but even going one step ahead by giving you valuable tips and advice on how to get the job done faster and cheaper. Landing up with a bad contractor on the hand can be nightmarish. They can prey on you to squeeze the highest prices, leave jobs unfinished; use inferior quality material and many more. They cause tension and worry and leave you drained of money, time and every other resource that you have.

Here are some basic guidelines which can help you stay away from the bad contractors and help you choose quality contractors for your home improvement assignment:

 The first point in your checklist is to verify whether the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured by the state. A cross check with Better Business Bureau is a good idea to check his past business records.

– At the negotiation stage, as the names and references of his past 3 customers. Call them up and ask them about their opinion about the contractor, his performance quality, his ability to keep deadlines, etc.

– Call for bids and proposals from at least 3 contractors and compare their rates and service conditions. Remember the cheapest contractor may not always be the best person to be awarded the job.

– Once a contractor has listed out the materials which he will need to complete the job, a quick visit to the nearest home improvement store might throw many ideas and you can access a lot of information regarding price, quality, discounts, etc., which will help you to verify the contractors’ rates and material usage habits.

While you should be aware how to choose the right contractor, simultaneously you must also be aware of the tricks which bad contractors play on home owners when they are called upon to handle a home improvement or remodeling assignment:

– Trick #1: The contractor quotes a very low rate mentioning that there are a lot of unused materials left over from a previous job. Within a couple of days of starting the job, he demands money to buy fresh material and does the vanishing trick with your money. You are left with an incomplete remodeling job matched by an empty coffer.

– Trick #2: The contractor gives a condition that the entire money has to be paid before he starts the job. After he has pocketed the money he leaves not to show up again. To avoid this, always pay the contractor in phases – as he goes on completing the remodeling job.

– Trick #3: You get lured by a contractor’s low rates and later you realize that he has all through used inferior grade materials which will need another remodeling or repairing expenses only a few months down the line. Seek the help of local building inspector, to report this type of fraud.