Floor Coverings

Till about a decade ago home owners only thought of changing their carpets when changing their floor coverings, as this was the only choice people had. Today, the choices of floor coverings are many. Whether you are building a new room, replacing the existing floor covering or simply renovating and upgrading the floor of the room, you have a large variety of materials to choose from. Gone are the days when you waited to buy another new carpet to renovate your room. of course, you have to be prepared for some major overhauling of the floor, including dust and debris – but at the end of the day, any of these materials will make you house proud. Here are some covering materials people use these days for their floors:

– Hard Wood: Woods and grains from oak, pine, maple, cherry or bamboo make excellent hard wood floor coverings which are few of the most popular floor covering items. You could stain the wood with any color of your choice from a light natural shade to a rich mahogany shade. If you can take good care of your hard wood floors, it can last a lifetime.

– Laminate: The modern laminate floor coverings look so similar to wood that it can become really difficult to spot the difference. With the same looks, laminate floor coverings cost less and easier to install. Laminate floor coverings are also less cumbersome to maintain. Each type of laminate floor covering has a specific procedure of installation. While one variety might have to be glued to the floor, some may need a separate underlay. There are some varieties where a thin padding has to be attached at the hind side of the flooring pieces.

– Vinyl: With this type of floor covering you can be very creative as there are multiple forms of it available. You could buy a whole large sheet or buy individual tiles. The large sheet requires a special kind of floor adhesives for installation with a couple of seams spread in the room. The tiles can also be conveniently installed if you buy the peel-and- stick types. These tiles are pre-coated with adhesives and covered by a thin paper which has to be peeled off before placing on the floor.

– Stone and ceramic: Baked ceramic, marble, granite, slate are some of the stone and ceramic tile varieties available for easy floor covering. These tiles are available in a large variety of sizes and you could decorate the floor covering with some accent stones as well. One point to be noted here is that this type of floor covering requires maximum time and procedures for installation. It is extremely important that all the tiles are placed at the same level and the job may need the help of a professional mason.

– Carpets: This has always been the favorite type of floor covering for stylish homes across the world. There are incredible amount of colors, textures and designs available in carpets for you to choose from. Wool and nylon are the two most favored materials for floor carpets. For wall-to-wall carpeting it is necessary to put a thin padding underneath to extend the life of the carpet, so that you do not need to change it often.

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