Over the years fencing has also undergone a lot of innovation in terms of the material used for building a strong fencing. Vinyl   has now made fencing made from wood and wrought iron a thing of the past. Yet, some iron fencing, if maintained properly, can last longer than wood or any other materials. But when iron fencing remains uncared for years, it not only gathers rust but gets a worn out look which can affect the overall look of the house. Here are some tips on maintaining iron fencing, which can keep it looking new for years. So before you break it down or remove it and replace it with vinyl fencing, think again:

– Iron though one of the strongest materials for fencing can gather rust with the constant exposure to wet weather, morning dew and humidity. You could protect them with once a year coating with some rust-proof paint.

– Scratches, dents and chips are not uncommon to iron fencing. While rust-proof coating of paint can prevent it from scratches, you could avoid dents and chips if you opt for solid iron instead of hollow iron fencing.

– In-between seasons, give your iron fencing a good wash with warm soapy water. then apply wax coating to its joints, springs and latches using mineral oil. Use steel wool to sand away the scratches and apply special paint to fill up any small hope. Do not apply the paint coats immediately after one another. Let one coat dry completely before applying the second coat.

While these are some of the common iron fencing maintenance pointers, wood fencing undoubtedly is everyone’s favorite. If spending money is no problem, then you could opt for wood fencing – a traditional favorite. Its elegant looks can not be replaced by any other material, though maintenance can be a problem. Sanding and painting should be a routine affair and if you are averse to spending long hours to clean and maintain your fencing, then this type of fencing should be avoided. Vinyl fencing, looking very similar to wood fencing is then your choice. They are durable, weather-resistance and rain or thunderstorms can not easily ruin or chip its surface. It is more affordable than wood fencing and the maintenance costs are also low.

Though vinyl and wood fencing are available at both online and local stores, it is recommended that you buy your fencing from the local store. This is because you could then see and touch it with your own hands, as deliveries from online shops may not be satisfactory finally. Local store can allow you discounts and the fencing should come with How-to-install manuals which are extremely helpful. Most of the time, buying these types of items online turns disappointing as what you see in the online catalogue, may be different from what you actually receive from the shop.

Whichever type of material you choose for fencing, you must ensure that it can be installed easily and will be durable. Pick up the fencing which requires least amount of time in maintenance and that fits in your budget.

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