Before building a deck in your home, you must be clear in your mind as to the functionality of the deck and why you need it in the first place. There is no point in building a new deck when this is the last thing you need in the house. You would then be spending a whole lot of money unnecessarily. Essentially there are five types of outdoor decks which can be thought of. Try and see which type would suit your needs most:

1. Porch decks: These decks are situated in front of your front door and goes round the house right up to the back of the house. Houses which are located in country side with a lot of land round it usually have these porch decks.

2. BBQ decks: These are perhaps the most popular of all decks. People love to spend time outdoor especially with family and friends during weekends or family occasions. These decks are great for cooking outdoors – grills and steaks without feeling confined indoors, there are different deck designs to check out. These decks are made of wood or other material which resemble wood but composite. Naturally, these decks have colors which blend well with outdoors.

3. Pool decks: These decks are usually round the pool and made of material which is composite and easy on the bare feet.

4. Second-storey decks: You would find such decks on homes situated on hill tops or mountainous areas.

5. Free Standing decks: One of the easiest to build, where you do not have to place it next to you home or even damage any existing structure to build it. All they need are structural support on the sides so that they can stand on their own.

While these 5 are the basic categories of decks the one of your choice would depend on your need and budget. You could of course have your own custom made deck – but its necessity and use should be kept in mind before you invest in its construction.

Many have the idea that decks are only made in rectangular shapes. This is far from being the truth. You could have deck designs in any shape which suits you and the exterior décor. Some people build a bench above the deck with a chair that is hinged. So you can lift the seat and store all your sports accessories or BBQ accessories under the deck. The materials used for decking can be wood or composite. For instance if your home is in a hilly region you could always have an extended deck jutting out in the open where it offers splendid opportunity for the family to bask in the sun. This will give the home a look as it has a balcony on the second storey.

Decks must have the right type of railing to give it a stylish and classy look. You need to access a reputed rails supplier to get the right type of design of railings for your deck. The look should not be obstructive but open and ornate. So if you are thinking of remodeling your home and add a deck to it, more than satisfying your design needs, the deck is going to add more value to your home, without your knowing about it. We will provide you excellent deck designs which suits your requirements and budget.

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