Bathroom Remodeling

Have you ever wondered why some people spend enormously long hours in the bathroom? I once asked a friend who belonged to this group. He flatly replied that this is the room where all his creative ideas are generated! It could well be true for many. People read, sing, relax and thoroughly enjoy these private moments only in a bathroom and come out fully charged to face the day. Even at the end of the day, more than the cushioned arm chair, we tend to relax more in the bathroom. When you are selling your home, the prospective buyers tend to come and see the bathroom first. Similarly when you are checking into a hotel, one of the first things we check is the bathroom! Thus, it could be said that the bathroom is one of the most important areas of a home, which needs constant attention, care and perhaps frequent remodeling to keep it hygienic, clean and as comfortable as possible.

One of the most important aspects you have to keep in mind when it comes to bathroom remodeling is that your efforts must focus on the need of the user. Who is going to use the bathroom and what does he or she need? Let us not forget that the bathroom over and above being luxurious also has to fulfill certain functionality needs. For instance, a bathtub, a cheerful shower curtain, a quaint medicine chest, magazine or book racks are some of the bare essentials for which space must be provided when remodeling a bathroom. The master bathroom is always used more than the single guest bathrooms – so more attention need to be paid to this room while remodeling. For instance, to bring a bit of outdoors into your bathroom, you could think of recreating the look of the ocean by using relevant tiles. Color the walls which resemble a glorious sunset or a couple of photographs of the family could adorn the walls. Using metal framed Japanese or Chinese lanterns can give the bathroom an Asian feel – at the same time exude the warmth for your evening shower. Some people use vibrant colors to give it a Mexican or Moroccan feel. Match your hand and bath towels to blend with the colored environment. The bathroom can be remodeled to be cheerful, vibrant and a place which rejuvenates the user.

To add a bit of Picasso or surrealistic art to your bathroom, simply get hold of an old fabric and splash wild and funky colors and frame it to be displayed on your bathroom wall. As far as the floor is concerned, hardwood floors are more difficult to maintain in a bathroom though some old homes have the. Tiles or ceramic flooring are most done for bathrooms in newer homes. You do not have to have a city permit if you are not adding anything to your existing property – so remodeling an existing bathroom would not normally require any official permit. Remember not all fixtures and fittings in the bathroom have to be replaced while remodeling. If the fittings are not rusted or worn out, they can be retained. Only the walls, ceiling and floors can be re-touched and given a fresh look. A bathroom, like any other room in the house represents the taste of the owner. So do it up the way you like it best – the look and feel of the bathroom should make the user love it anytime of the day or night!

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