Attics & Basements

Gone are the days when attics and basements were idea places to store all the ‘junk’ of the family or even items of family heirloom including grandma’s treasure chest and other childhood memorabilia. Today the need for living space is so acute that families are renovating and remodeling their attics and basements to make more room for living as well as making small home offices, etc. Whichever may be your own reason for remodeling the attic and basement of your house, it is important to remember that this could be one of the wisest financial investments that you are making.

Redesigning an attic can throw up many unforeseen challenges but each challenge has to be met with foresight and proper planning. For instance, if you are planning to transform the attic into a bedroom or a play room for the kids, you have to think of the design accordingly. You might have to think about redesigning the access point to the attic. If you are on a tight budget, think of how to make room for easier access with fresh staircase, without touching too much on the existing structure of the house. You might also have to check the local building laws with regard to the access and exit while remodeling your attic. The slope of the attic is also an area which involves expenses. You have to keep the standard of the external appearance of the building, increase the functionality of the room as well as think of heat insulation/air conditioning aspects of the room, as you would for any other room in the house. Remember to use all the nooks and corners effectively so as to minimize any loss of space. These areas can be made into convenient storage areas but it requires some planning and expert designing. Ventilation and insulation are important aspects of attic maintenance. To attach a bath room to the attic would cost least if you plan it without having to re-route the existing water supply and drain line.

With regard to redesigning or remodeling the basement, same kind of planning rules apply as in the attic. The first job is to empty the space of all things that are not needed or will never be needed. Sell, donate or throw these things away instead of making them occupy precious space. Then draw up a plan of the space using simple graph paper and pencil. The drawing may be rough, but the measurements of things which you want to put in there should be accurate if you want your basement to be functional again. For instance, what would you like to do with your basement? A home office, a snack bar, a family TV room, a room for some indoor sports like pool or table tennis are some of the popular options. Depending on your exact need, the space can be fitted with the items – like a computer with a shelf for keeping CDs, telephone, fax machine and stationery for the office, a working table and a couple of chairs, etc. If you want it to be a family room then measure the space occupied by a three-piece sofa and a could of single chairs, the TV and some space for a snack bar. The thing is to remember the exact measurements of these items and sketch them on your drawing. The entrance and exit of the basement must be left free of clutter. The walls of the basement are usually very useful for hanging tool kits, a lean and thin wine cellar or any other utility items of the house.

If designed with some creativity, attics and basements can be converted into amazingly cozy living areas where the family can enjoy some memorable moments of togetherness. With so many people opting to start their home business, the attic and basements are providing the necessary solution to many space problems.

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